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Online Survey

As part of the Research envisioned for the Map Your Meal project, the project team has created an online survey that aims to identify the attitudes and tendencies of young people, between the ages of 15-30, in regards to their consumption patterns, as well as inquire into what functions would young people find useful and interesting in such an App. The survey is available in all partner countries and in local languages. 

The responses collected through this survey will play a crucial role in developing the "Map Your Meal" Smart Phone Application. The survey is comprised of 17 questions and takes no more than 10 mins to answer. All answers will be treated anonymously (that means that you don't have to give us your name, and if you do, it will be kept separate from the answers you give). We will only contact you if you would like to stay updated for future 'Map Your Meal' activities.

The app, which will be free to download to your phone, will enable you to scan products in the supermarket and find out a range of background information that will help you to make informed choices about how to make sure your shopping is as 'fair' and 'green' as you can.