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Mobile Application

Have you ever wondered about who and what is involved in producing our food and drinks? And how these processes impact our planet and the people involved? 

The Map Your Meal mobile app tells you how your food and beverage products score in terms of greenness and fairness. Scan their barcodes and find out how a product impacts people and planet. 

When it comes to Greeness products are analysed regarding to their water footprint, use of GMOs, their processing, transportation and packaging, use of palm oil and fishing processes. Labour rights and potential child labour involved in the production, animal rights, as well transparency and accountability of the production and parent companies are assessed under Fairness. While each aspect is scored independently, the app also displaus an overall score for Greenness and an overall score for Fairness. 

The app will be functional in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and the UK, but hopefully its range will expand in the near future. 

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