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Global Poverty: The real price of rice

Rice constitutes the nutritional foundation for the largest part of the planet, since more than 3.5 billion people depend on the specific cereal for obtaining at least 20% of their daily calorie intake. Rice is a staple food for Asia, while its consumption is rapidly increasing both in Africa and Latin America, due to their vast economic development and population growth.

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Global Food System: an unsustainable cycle

Everywhere around us there are ever growing global economic, political and environmental crises, which are pushing our planetary boundaries. One of the best examples of how these crises are reflected in our daily lives is through our global food system; which is unsustainable, unfair and inadequate to fulfil the basic needs of food and nutrition security. The right to food is enshrined in international law and as such a legal obligation of all states to fulfil. Within this framework, 2015 is a milestone year, established back in 2013 by the European Commission as the European Year for Development, which not only marks the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), but also the start of the Post-2015 era which has stronger focus on sustainable development. This decision reflects in great extent the EU citizen’s responses as seen in the EU Barometer (2013).

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