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Panel Discussion

A Panel Discussion will be organised, in all partner countries, in collaboration with a local municipality to discuss the EYD2015. The panel discussions will focus on the role of the EU within the context of working towards the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals, but also more prominently on the EU's role in shaping the Post-2015 framework and on how the new framework will be integrated into EU development policies, as well as into national policies, and what role the citizens can take in ensuring accountability. The discussion panel will consist of a local NGO, a representative from the European Commission, DG DevCO, a representative from an European/international NGO that is part of the global Beyond2015 campaign with experience in food sovereighty, food security, sustainable food production etc. as well as a local decision maker, either from the department of development cooperation or the national parliament. 

The main conclusions of the panel discussions will be compiled into a concise Recommendations Paper that will then be shared with all relevant policy makers. The panel discussions shall be open to the wider public, and will then be shared with especially among the civil society and universities.