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Launch of Map Your Meal App in 5 countries

Have you ever wondered about who and what is involved in producing our food and drinks? And how these processes impact our planet and the people involved? The Map Your Meal mobile app tells you how your food and beverage products score in terms of greenness and fairness. Scan their barcodes and find out how a product impacts people and planet.  

In June 2016 we launched our new and exciting Map Your Meal App...

...and we had a variety of events in all partner countries to celebrate! 


Some of you joined us in person and some virtually.. For you and for those who could not join us, here is an small overview of the events that took place in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and UK. 

The main theme was, of course, FOOD coupled with testing and using the app to explore how fair and green is truly our favourite food products! The different country teams were very creative in planning their individual launch events!! 

In Austria, a "food spectacle" was organised in Gratz! An organic and fair breakfast, a "Make Your Own Smoothie" bike, an Iraqi Cooking Workshop, and a World Café were only a few of the festivities organiced to accompany the official launch of the Map Your Meal App in Austria! Find more at the Facebook event page of the Launch in Austria here. 

In Bulgaria, the Map Your Meal App went to the park.. South Park in Sofia! To officially launch the Map Your Meal App, "Map Your Ice Cream" Exhibition, a Treasure Hunt and many more activities were organised. Find more at the Facebook event page of the Launch in Bulgaria here.

In Cyprus, an "Interactive" App launch took place in Limassol. A visual representation of the app was used, taking a journey through 'fairness' and 'greenness'. A live radio LiveLink, a "journey across the map" and other games part of the main festivities in Cyprus! Find more at the Facebook event page of the Launch in Cyprus here. 

In Greece, the Map Your Meal App went to yet another park, this time in the center of Athens. A "Food for Thought" workshop, 'fair' and 'green' collectively cooked food, and a funny Photo Booth were some of the main activities of the Big Day! Find pictures and more at the Facebook event page of the Launch in Greece here, or watch this fun video

In the UK, a day full of 'fun, food and exploration' was organised in Elephant Yard Shopping Center in Kendal, Ambleside! The launch festivities among other things included a 'Healthy and Ethical' Smoothie Station, a 'MYM Crazy Cooks' street performance from a local comic relief group, and the 'Map Your Ice Cream' Photo Exhibition. Find out more at the facebook event page of the Launch in UK here and see short video of the event here

All the celebrations in the 5 countries were connected through a live video link broadcasted through the Map Your Meal facebook page