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● Research and Development of Smartphone Application

A smartphone app will be developed which can scan barcodes of food products, and map their origins, ways to destination, socioeconomic and environmental conditions and impact on people and planet. The application will be available for download from the Apple and Google play stores.

What is of exceptional interest on the smartphone app, is the crowdsourcing function, through which any user will have the opportunity to update the existing online database regarding any product as well as add any new products.

● EYD Interactive days

● Public Launch

Map Your Meal Toolkit

It will consist of various learning materials of informative and interactive learning activities, targeted at non-formal education settings. These activities will accompany the smart-phone app themes, by following a Global Learning Approach, exploring interconnectedness and interdependence through the global food system.

Toolkit’s key topics: Food Security, Food Sovereignty, Human rights, Fair trade and Environmental Stability

The main focus of activities will be on knowledge, skills and understanding, values and attitudes associated with Global Learning, and its aspiration to stimulate learners to become active themselves as agents of change for a fairer world. It is mostly targeted at non formal education settings such as NGOs, youth centers, community centers, but will also be available for teachers and thus could be used in the formal education setting. It is linked to the phone app, and it complements the learning when exploring the food journeys and their impact. It can also be used as a standalone tool, depending on the needs and the context.

Available languages – English, Greek, Bulgarian and German

Map Your Meal Workshops!

Four workshops will be organized in both urban and rural areas of the partner countries. The workshops will target youth leaders, youth workers, and community educators from youth organizations, community centers, NGOs and other non-formal learning settings. The workshops will be based on the toolkit, thus aiming to enhance youth leaders’ and community educators’ understanding of the global food system and the global interdependencies, whilst strengthening their skills and ability of challenging global injustice.

Map Your Meal youth involved in urban farming, community gardens and other sustainable living projects.

These workshops will be directed to youth groups and/or individuals who are actively engaged in alternative and sustainable living projects. Although, the motivators for each person engaging in such activities may vary, they usually include motivation to create positive change in their community, to increase access to organically grown food, avoid the environmental impacts of imported food, and raise awareness about the origins of our food. Usually, such initiatives are very local oriented and may lack a global dimension. Through these workshops, the youth or adults that are engaged in such projects will come to understand the interdependencies of the global food system, stimulate greater awareness and solidarity with food producers around the world.

● International Summer School

A 5-day summer school will be held in Austria and have 6 participants per country from youth organizations or alternative initiatives/sustainable living initiatives. Some youth representatives from relevant organizations of the global south will also be participating. The international summer school on “Creating a Sustainable alternative to the Current Global Food” will bring people together from Europe and the Global South to enhance their understanding of the global food system and its interconnectedness, exchange learning practices and develop potential future collaborations.

The summer school will be run by experienced trainers and experts on global education, food security and food sovereignty. One of the aims is to build knowledge, skills and values of the participants regarding the global food system, and inspire the youth in becoming active and determined to apply the newly acquired information. Guest experts will be invited from such organizations as European Fair Trade Association, Rainforest Alliance, Oxfam, La Via Campesina etc, to share their knowledge and expertise so that the youth can be engaged as multipliers and share their knowledge with their own organizations.