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Future Worlds Center

Future Worlds Center (FWC) is an innovative non-profit initiative of social entrepreneurs using a model of horizontal entrepreneurial management. Our work harnesses the power of emerging new technologies and the science of structured democratic dialogue in order to accelerate positive social change.

Future Worlds Center is leading a number of pan-European efforts, which aim to promote the Millennium Development Goals within Europe and in Sub-Saharan countries. It was a founding member of the Cyprus Islandwide Development NGO Platform and the Cyprus Community Media Centre . The Accessing Development Education project has collected teaching materials or guidance books on topics like Development Education, Global citizenship, Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals and many others from across Europe into one central depository.

The Teach MDGs project focuses on increasing awareness and public support for the Millennium Development Goals, by actively engaging teacher training institutes, teachers and pupils in developing local oriented teaching resources, promoting the MDGs with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and integrate these into the educational systems of countries across Europe.

Future Worlds Center is the implementing organization of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representation in Cyprus. Its Humanitarian Affairs Unit implements projects that aim strengthening asylum for refugees and asylum seekers on the island. This Unit has founded the Unit of Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture.




Südwind Verein für Entwicklungspolitik und globale Gerechtigkeit (Austria)

An Austrian non-profit NGO that has been active for over 25 years, which focuses on work related to education and campaign work in the international development field. Among the organization’s primary missions is an emphasis on Global Education, ensuring that the Austrian public is educated in a manner that it can interact in the global community.









C.E.G.A (Bulgaria)

“Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives” is the national coordinator and one of the leading NGOs in the newly registered Bulgarian Platform for International Development. With strong connections to the Bulgarian civil society, C.E.G.A has vast experience in the field of intercultural dialogue and global education. Currently, it is working closely with educators, providing training and support to include development education in schools.










Fair Trade Hellas (Greece)

Fair Trade Hellas is a Greek non-profit NGO, founded in 2004. The organization was the first one to promote the idea of Fair Trade in Greece, a philosophy that battles poverty on a global scale. Their primary goal is the promotion of ethical and responsible consuming in Greece together with the provision of products from small producers in poor countries.










CDEC (United Kingdom)

Cumbria Development Education Center, is a registered charity organization that inspires young people and their teachers to engage with the environment, take responsibility on a collective and individual level, for the world in which they live, and contribute towards a fair and sustainable world. It envisions for young people to have the skills, confidence and ability to face today’s challenges, to develop respect and understanding for other people and places and to make informed choices that would positively impact society and the world around them.










NEGO-COM (Benin) 

NEGO COMlogoNEGO-COM is a non-profit organization which strives for the advent of a global education for all and an endogenous development which permits Benin and Africa to have autonomous, united, responsible and committed citizens.



Young People We Care - YPWC (Ghana)

ypwc newlogo 300x242YPWC is a youth led and youth focused organisation that is headquartered in Ghana. The organisation is operated by a combination of young people (aged 10 to 35 years) and adult allies working on youth- and development-related issues worldwide. YPWC was founded in December 2005. The mission of YPWC is: to educate and inform youth on global issues; inspire them to take action; encourage youth participation in global issues; identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development; and provide young people with the tools and resources required for effective action. Its vision is to provide a ‘youthful voice’ that represents the youth of our world. By effectively using young resourceful minds to influence the course of global policy formulation and development in a consistent and harmonized manner, YPWC seeks to address the numerous challenges facing young people today. Herein lies the main strength of YPWC – it is an organisation led by young people, for young people. Based on the philosophy of participatory learning, YPWC inspires and supports youth action by creating a platform. This allows for youth to translate their knowledge and desires into action, whilst simultaneously involving young people in decision-making regarding key developmental and global issues.