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European Year for Development - EYD2015


2015 was a special year for development. It was the first ever European Year to deal with the European Union's external action and Europes's role in the world. For development organisations all over Europe it was an unparalleled opportunity to showcase Europe's commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide and to inspire more Europeans to get engaged and involved in development. 2015 was also the deadline for the Millenium Development Goals that the world agreed to reach in 2000, and the year which the international community agreed on the future global framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development. 

Thematic Months 2015

January - Europe and the World! (Factsheet)

February - Education (Factsheet)

March - Women & Girls (Factsheet)

April - Health (Factsheet

May - Peace & Security (Factsheet)

June - Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs and Businesses (Factsheet)

July - Children & Youth (Factsheet)

August - Humanitarian Aid (Factsheet)

September - Demography and Migration (Factsheet)

October - Food Security (Factsheet)

November - Sustainable Development and Climate Action (Factsheet)

December - Human Rights and Governance (Factsheet)


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