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About the Project

Map Your Meal - EYD2015, is a Europe Aid funded project, and as the name suggests, its primary goal is to enable consumers to trace the origins of their food through the usage of a mobile phone application, by scanning the barcode of a product; an action which will in turn bring consumers vitally closer to the production process, and an understanding of the conditions and standards producers work.

Through the Map Your Meal project we aspire to highlight the vast extent of global interdependencies, on a personal, national and international level (i.e. consumer – producer). Our activities are purposely crafted to raise awareness about sustainability, equity, global justice and global interdependencies, in young people, youth workers/trainers, community educators, and the general public. Through the project we aspire to generate a strong and active coalition of citizens promoting human rights, equity, and sustainable ways of living. Additionally, the quality of lives of farmers, producers and their families will be benefited on a significant level.

More specifically, the project aims, based on a comprehensive smartphone application and accompanying interactive learning materials exploring the origins of our food, their individual components, and the socio-economic and environmental impact of these, to increase young people’s awareness about global interdependencies and injustices, as well as about the need for more sustainable food systems. At the same time the project will;

  1. Contribute to the EYD2015 by enhancing public awareness and understanding of global interdependencies through exploring the global food system; By exploring the global food system, the social and economic impact that their production has, the injustices that affect farmers, as well as the environmental impact, citizens will gain a deeper understanding of the its complexities, as well as the globalised world and its interdependencies on a broader level.
  2. Mobilise young people to become engaged in promoting global social justice and sustainable ways of living: Involvement in interactive learning environments will stimulate their own process of understanding to taking actions themselves. Community-based organisations and initiatives, of the target countries will also be involved.
  3. Connect European initiatives for sustainable living with similar initiatives in the Global South, fostering greater understanding of the concepts of food security, food sovereignty and sustainable food production and supply chains; The project will enhance understanding of the complexities of the global food system and the specific problems faced in different contexts; it will strengthen solidarity among actors. It will add a global dimension to the often very locally oriented focus of sustainable agriculture/ sustainable living initiatives, promoting at the same time the concepts of global justice and equity.


Through this project, we aim to positively impact on a direct and indirect level, the quality lives of people around the world and more specifically:

  • Young people

The young people participating in the project, will be directly impacted in that, their knowledge will be enhanced in terms of understanding of the global interdependencies, and gain awareness on key global issues as well as their interrelations. Therefore, young people can become active and responsible global citizens who will in turn act for positive change. In addition, they will be more likely in becoming informed consumers, through the knowledge they will obtain from the smartphone application.

  • Youth Workers, trainers and Community Educators

Numerous workshops and events will be conducted, that will equip the current groups with skills, tools and understanding on human and worker rights, global issues related to production and consumption patterns, sustainable alternatives, economic interdependence and environmental sustainability into their regular activities.

  • General Public

The general public will gain greater awareness and understanding of the global interdependencies and their consequences, especially by learning about the global food system. Through the smartphone application, citizens will be able to conscious choices that affect both their lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of those involved in the production and supply of the products. Through the EYD 2015 activities, they will develop a better understanding of the post 2015(MDG’s) development agenda, the role of the EU and its member states, and a better grasp of the post-2015 framework.

  • Final beneficiaries: Farmers, food producers and their families in the Global South

The long term impact of the project, such as informed consumer choices within Europe, and mobilization towards a more sustainable and fair food system, will have a positive influence on the farmers and producers and in turn on their families. Specifically, they will benefit from increased advocacy towards higher standards in fair salaries, sustainable production more importantly, on human rights.